Dublin to Limerick with Expressway Route X12

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Dublin to Limerick with Expressway Route X12

With 8 services a day in each direction, the X12 is your key to the Southwest of Ireland. Departing from Dublin Airport, followed by Busáras, and servicing some of the key urban areas along Ireland’s Southern corridor, the X12 is the best way for any Dubs to visit Ireland’s magical Southwest, or for any Shannonsiders heading to the capital.

And with Expressway, you’ll be travelling in real style, as all of our coaches are kitted out with free Wi-Fi, charging points and extra comfort seats. Expressway. Way Better.


Dublin Airport

Departures from Limerick start at 5.20 am, and end at 20.45 pm, so no matter when your flight time is, with the X12, you’ll get to the airport in ample time. And on your return home, we operate services throughout the day up until 20:00 pm.

With the X12 you’re dropped to just outside the terminal, so the next time you’re heading to the airport from Limerick, take the stress-free option with X12

For more information on our airport services, click here.

For more information on Dublin Airport, click here.


Heading to Dublin City and Airport, Route X12 departures from Portlaoise start at 07:00 am and end at 22:30 pm. Expressway services depart from Meehan Court and opposite Portlaoise Hospital.

Heading to Limerick, departures from Portlaoise start at 07:35 am and end at 21:40 pm from Portlaoise Hospital and Laois Shopping centre.


Heading to Dublin City and Airport, Route X12 departures from Roscrea start at 06:30 am and end at 22:00 pm. Expressway services depart from Damer Court Hotel.

Heading to Limerick, departures from Roscrea start at 08:10 am and end at 22:10 pm from Chritsty Maher’s Pub.


Heading to Dublin City and Airport, Route X12 departures from Nenagh start at 06:00 am and end at 21:35 pm. Expressway services depart from the Castle Café in Banba Square.

Heading to Limerick, departures from Nenagh start at 08:35 am and end at 22:35 pm from AXA Insurance in Banba Square.

University of Limerick

Our dedicated University of Limerick service is perfect for all students in UL looking to head to the capital for anything from a night out in the big smoke to the home comforts of a cup of tea in your favourite mug, wrapped in your favourite blanket. And with a return fare for students at just €8.55, it’s student level fares for first class service.

For more information on UL, click here.

Dublin to Limerick Journey Time

The service operates via the M7 motorway, resulting in a journey time of 3 hours from Limerick to Dublin, and 3 hours 25 minutes from Limerick to Dublin Airport, making it one of the fastest ways to travel from Dublin to Limerick, and vice versa.

Dublin to Limerick Coaches

Expressway coaches are a byword for comfort - reclining leather seats, air conditioning, sockets for charging any phones and laptops you might have, free Wi-Fi onboard, and plenty of room for any luggage you may have. Our fleet of brand new coaches will ensure your journey is Way Better.

Arriving in Limerick

EStepping off in Limerick doesn’t mean your journey ends there – in fact, with Expressway’s extensive network of services you can access some of Ireland’s best Western towns and cities. See our list of related routes for details.

Staying in Limerick

Bus Éireann operates a city bus service in Limerick that connects the community with hospitals, schools, shopping and tourist attractions.

Timetables accessible here.

Limerick region Hospitals

The Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Croom, Co Limerick is the biggest hospital in Limerick. It is easy to get to with Bus Éireann.

St John’s Hospital on St John’s Square can also be accessed. Barrington Hospital on George’s Quay in Limerick City offers a wide range of medical services and specialises in orthopedics.

You can also choose to attend University Maternity Hospital on Henry Street in the centre of Limerick.

Shopping in Limerick

Limerick City has a great selection of small family-run shops, stylish boutiques and modern department stores.

Retail centres in the city include the Arthur’s Quay shopping centre,the Crescent Shopping Centre in Dooradoyle which is the largest shopping centre outside Dublin, and the Parkway Shopping Centre on the Dublin Road.

At Limerick Milk Market (open to 3pm each day) you can purchase a range of organic and artisan food products.

Limerick Tourist Attractions

King John’s Castle is a 13th-century structure located on King's Island next to the River Shannon in Limerick City Centre. The castle has an interpretative centre which offers an interactive learning experience with guides wearing full costume. Founded in 1168, St Mary’s Cathedral on Bridge Street in Limerick is the oldest and most historic buildings in Limerick and no trip to the city is complete without a visit.

Make sure to check out Limerick Museum, located in City Hall, Merchants Quay, Limerick. Founded in 1906, it houses a wide range of historic artefacts and documents which tell the story of the city.

The Hunt Museum is also well worth a visit. Established to house a collection of approximately 2,000 works of art and antiquities collected by London art dealers John and Gertrude Hunt in their lifetime, there are year-round exhibitions, an attractive gift shop and a coffee shop on site.

Arriving in Dublin

Stepping off in our city’s capital opens up the entire island of Ireland for any prospective passengers travelling on, with our extensive services from Dublin giving you unparalleled access to the island of Ireland. See our list of related routes for details.

Dublin Shopping

If you’re heading to Dublin for a day out, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice. From high street shopping in Grafton Street, to some of Ireland’s best bars and restaurants, Dublin dwellers are spoilt for choice.

Tourist Attractions in Dublin

If you’re looking for a good day out, you could do worse than to spoil yourself with the historic delights of the Capital.

From the Book of Kells in the glorious surroundings of Trinity College , to the National Museum and Gallery, some of Ireland’s most storied sculptures and artefacts are just a 5 minute walk from Busáras.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not head North to Glasnevin, and learn about the heroes of Ireland’s revolutionary past in Glasnevin Cemetery.

A trip to the northside is never complete without a visit to the GAA’s home of Croke Park – in the museum you can learn all about the heritage and history of our national sports.

Dublin Public Transport

When you’re in Dublin, the best way to get around is by public transport. Here are a number of suggestions available to you:

Dublin Bus

Service Number
  SSuX     SaX    
Dublin Airport (Atrium Rd Zone 11 Stop 6) DEP. 06.00 08.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 18.00
Dublin (Busáras) 06.30 P 08.30 P 12.30 P 14.30 P 16.30 P 18.30 P
Dublin (Opp. Heuston Station) 06.40 P 08.40 P 12.40 P 14.40 P 16.40 P 18.40 P
Newlands Cross (Southbound) 06.50 P 08.50 P 12.50 P 14.50 P 16.50 P 18.50 P
Portlaoise (Hospital) 07.35 09.35 13.35 15.35 17.35 19.35
Portlaoise (Laois Shopping Centre N80) 07.40 09.40 13.40 15.40 17.40 19.40
Roscrea (Christy Maher's Pub) 08.10 10.10 14.10 16.10 18.10 20.10
Nenagh (Banba Square − AXA Insurance) 08.35 10.35 14.35 16.35 18.35 20.35
Annacotty Bridge (Southbound) 09.10 D 11.10 D 15.10 D 17.10 D 19.10 D 21.10 D
Dublin Rd (Opp The Hurlers Pub) 09.12 D 11.12 D 15.12 D 17.12 D 19.12 D 21.12 D
University of Limerick (Stables) 09.15 D 11.15 D 15.15 D 17.15 D 19.15 D 21.15 D
Limerick (Bus Station) ARR. 09.25 11.25 15.25 17.25 19.25 21.25
Service Number
SuX SaX SSuX       SuO
Limerick (Bus Station) DEP. 07.45 09.45 11.45 12.45 13.45 17.45 20.45
University of Limerick (Stables) 07.55 P 09.55 P 11.55 P 12.55 P 13.55 P 17.55 P 20.55 P
Kilmurry Hotel (Milford Rd) 07.58 P 09.58 P 11.58 P 12.58 P 13.58 P 17.58 P 20.58 P
Annacotty Bridge (Mulcair Drive) 08.00 P 10.00 P 12.00 P 13.00 P 14.00 P 18.00 P 21.00 P
Nenagh (Banba Square − Castle Café) 08.35 10.35 12.35 | 14.35 18.35 21.35
Roscrea (Damer Court Hotel) 09.00 11.00 13.00 | 15.00 19.00 22.00
Portlaoise (Meehan Court N80) 09.30 11.30 13.30 | 15.30 19.30 22.30
Portlaoise (Opposite Hospital) 09.35 11.35 13.35 | 15.35 19.35 22.35
Newlands Cross (Northbound) 10.20 D 12.20 D 14.20 D 14.50 D 16.20 D 20.20 D 23.20 D
Dublin (Heuston Station) 10.30 D 12.30 D 14.30 D 15.00 D 16.30 D 20.30 D 23.30 D
Dublin (Eden Quay) 10.35 D 12.35 D 14.35 D 15.05 D 16.35 D 20.35 D 23.35 D
Dublin (Custom House Quay) 10.36 D 12.36 D 14.36 D 15.06 D 16.36 D 20.36 D 23.36 D
Dublin Airport (Terminal 2 - Departures Rd) ARR. 11.00 13.00 15.00 15.30 17.00 21.00 00.00


P = Pick-up stop only.

D = Drop-off stop only.

SaX = Does not operate on Saturdays.

SSuX = Operates Monday to Friday only - does not operate on Public Holidays.

SuO = Operates Sundays & Public Holidays only.

Please Note:

No services on Christmas Day. Enquire about St.Stephen's Day services.

Normal service will operate on other Public Holidays. We advice passengers travelling to Dublin Airport to allow ample time for check-in.

From Dublin to Limerick

  • Dublin Busáras Dur: 3h 25m
  • Dublin (Opp. Heuston Station)
  • Newlands Cross (Southbound)
  • Portlaoise (Hospital)
  • Portlaoise (Laois Shopping Centre N80)
  • Roscrea (Christy Maher's Pub)
  • Nenagh (Banba Square - AXA Insurance)
  • Annacotty Bridge (Southbound)
  • Dublin Rd (Opp The Hurlers Pub)
  • University of Limerick (Stables)
  • Limerick (Bus Station)

    From Limerick to Dublin

  • Limerick Bus Station Dur: 3h 15m
  • University of Limerick (Stables)
  • Dublin Rd (Opp The Hurlers Pub)
  • Annacotty Bridge (Southbound)
  • Nenagh (Banba Square - AXA Insurance)
  • Roscrea (Christy Maher's Pub)
  • Portlaoise (Laois Shopping Centre N80)
  • Portlaoise (Hospital)
  • Newlands Cross (Southbound)
  • Dublin (Opp. Heuston Station)
  • Dublin Busáras